UPDATE November 1st:

Thanks everyone for your donations and imagination!



What kind of material can I use? I will try to use everything I get, but to give an idea:
Wood etc. is possible to find on the streets every sundaynight in my neighbourhood, but things like plexiglas, buttons, glue, a flightchair, screws and other montage systems, paint, textile, lights, pipes,engines, appliances are things I can use. Evenmore so if you have a lot of something, like the garbage back of internet wires I got from Pieter.

I will make my first pick up on August 8th. In return you will get space, my thanks and hopefully you will come to the presentation at the end to see what happened with it.

Donateurs photos in the installation.

Thanks: Berndnaut, Sylvia, Cut's & Curls, Sjoerd, Aukje, Sasha, Sam, Ronja, Fierman, Alex, Annegret, Pieter, Olga, Aty, Anoniem, Anoniem, Hanneke, Engelien, Rian, Anoniem, Anoniem, Dioni, Richan, Barry, Cor, Gemma, Bart, Roos.

Thanks: MMOI/Pasjenten.