Photo by Leia Kennedy of the building process day 6


Eva Schippers is going to build a spaceship in 10 days with found and donated materials at the bunker. If you want to DONATE MATERIAL please contact us, we will drive around Amsterdam during the project to collect [the first pick up date is December 6th]. The ship will resemble the visual characteristics of maybe a flying lighthouse, a red and white barrier tape, an orange cone, a spaceship like Galileo 5 or something that could be written by Philip K. Dick.

During the launch days people are invited -1 at the time-, to spend some time in the ship and have a talk with the artist while preparing for departure: talks on emergencies that you experiences in the past, subjects that can alter how life is experienced, important things. Would you fly into space if the opportunity arose? And what would you leave behind...

A workshop and meetingplace from an artist, tinkerer, a person who loves most to build, think and talk simultaneously. RESERVE A TALK and become part of this temporary world, vision or mad workshop, however you wish to see it.


UPDATE December 16th:

Due to Corona there has been some changes in the launch dates, check this under RESERVE A TALK. But the ship is almost finished. Last 10 days have been hectic and amazing. A lot of people have donated materials and a lot of stories also, you can look at some images from the pick ups under DONATE MATERIAL. Hope to see you at the Bunker.